What is a child custody investigations?

A child custody investigation can take place when one parent believes that their child or children are unsafe with another parent, or family member whilst in their care. The court needs proof that the child/children are unsafe in order for steps to be taken.

Child custody investigations

Parents holding children's hands

Sharing custody of your children can be stressful, and even more so if you have concerns about your child's welfare whilst they are not in your custody.

If there is a court order in place and you suspect that your child's safety is at risk, you will need to gather the evidence to prove this. We could work alongside your solicitor to gather the evidence needed, then your solicitor could present this to the court, proving that your child's welfare is at risk.

Why conduct a child custody investigation?

map and magnifying glass

If you suspect your child may have (or has) been taken out of the country against a court order or without your permission, we can help to locate and retrieve the child if necessary.  

Sometimes an ex partner's lifestyle (or others in their life) maybe putting your child at risk.

Our investigators are here to help and discuss all our services with you.  

You can then decide how to proceed.