What is GPS vehicle tracking?

GPS Vehicle Tracking can be used for a wide range of investigations ​ 
Company cars: to track usage during company time.

Staff safety and protection: track the movements of the staff member if you feel he/she is at risk.  

Your personal cars which maybe used by your partner or spouse: to track movements in a day.

​ ​We can monitor vehicle locations 24 hours a day. This technology is often utilised in cases involving domestic surveillance where a pattern of behaviour needs to be established. Alongside the GPS vehicle trackers  we can gather video and photographic evidence which can be used in court. 

They can also be used by businesses to  provide valuable information regarding the use of fleet or company vehicles.  


Why choose GPS vehicle tracking ?

Vehicle tracking is becoming more popular and very reliable. It is a cheaper and more efficient way of tracking an employee and making sure that company vehicles are being use within the company limits. More private individuals are using GPS vehicle tracking for safety and insurance reasons. It can also be used alongside surveillance to help the surveillance keep track of the subject. 

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