Infidelity Investigations

Infidelity signs


Some of the following signs can make your suspect that your partner is having an affair. Have you noticed any of these over a period of time?  Have you noticed changes in their behaviour?  

  • Coming home later then normal
  • Being secretive with mobile phone and electronic devices 
  • Changes in spending habits 
  • Improvement in their appearance ​ 
  • Unexplained phones and texts late at night
  • Often unable to take your calls or answer your texts
  • ​Becoming emotionally distance from you.
  • Deleting emails, phone calls and texts.
  • Blocking you on social media.
  • Lack of intimacy ​

How we can help you.


We can help uncover tangible proof and can help to confirm if your suspicions are right. We will gather the truth and proof that you need to give you piece of mind. This can also help you to decide how you would like to proceed with the information we have gathered. 

All the evidence we will provide is date and timed stamped and can be used during divorce proceedings if thats the path you choose. 

Don't sit at home worrying!

Once you have instructed us on your situation we will offer you a number of services. This may include following your partner to document their daily activities.

We will prove once and for all if your suspicions are correct. We understand that discretion and value for money is of major importance to our clients.

We are able to offer a friendly and sympathetic ear to those who are nervous about contacting an investigator for the first time.
A tactful and covert investigation can generally either restore the confidence in a relationship or at least give you closure and  evidence you need to move on.

Why choose us?


You may have visited out website today because you have a gut feeling that something is not ok with your spouse/partner. 

Well here at Dalton Investigations we believe that our client's intuition is usually right. We understand that this can be a emotional situation and can be difficult to discuss, our investigators are trained to be understanding and will offer you the most beneficial advice  to you the client.

We have years of experience in infidelity investigations and have conducted many investigations across the UK and worldwide. 

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