We are surveillance specialists.


Here at Dalton Investigations we specialise in the art of surveillance, we have extensive experience investigating cases of  covert surveillance, product theft, insurance fraud and infidelity. We have conducted surveillance all over the UK and internationally. 

What is surveillance?


Surveillance is the best available tool to an investigator. This means following the subject where ever they go, this could involve following by car, foot, public transport and sometimes on aeroplanes. 
Our investigators will spend a lot of their time watching the subject to establish a daily pattern and they will record and photograph everything the subject does during the day. Using the latest technology available we will find the answers you need.   

Once our investigation is complete, we will provide a detailed report of the subject's movements and actions. This may include a copy of any videos, photographs or any other evidence obtained during the course of the investigation.

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Counter surveillance


Counter surveillance is to take measures to prevent surveillance, including covert surveillance.

Counter surveillance may include electronic methods such as bug sweeping (the process of detecting surveillance devices including covert listening devices), visual surveillance devices and counter surveillance software to stop unwanted attempts by cyber criminals to access your computing and mobile devices.

We often think that counter surveillance is only used by governments and big companies, but within our growing world of smart phones and the internet it is starting to be used more by smaller companies and individuals to help protect themselves.

All our private investigators are trained in all types of counter surveillance. They will help to advise you on the benefits of counter surveillance and the services you may need.

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